We are your premier destination for unparalleled balustrade services in Tauranga and beyond. We pride ourselves on seamlessly blending safety with sophisticated style, offering a diverse range of meticulously crafted balustrades to transform your living spaces.

Modern Collection of Balustrades

Choose Tauranga Balustrades, Gates, and Fencing for smart, sturdy designs that blend seamlessly with your surroundings. From framed to frameless glass options, enjoy safety without blocking your view. Our balustrades, gates, and fencing are low-maintenance, customisable, and prioritise your security, ensuring you can relish the great view without concerns. Opt for Tauranga Balustrades, Gates, and Fencing – where elegance meets safety.

Framed Balustrades

Quality and Lasting Durability

Explore UNEX’s core Framed Product line, foundational to our expertise for 40 years. Our aluminum balustrades offer affordability, durability, and timeless simplicity. With clean joins and concealed assembly, these styles complement various architectural themes.

Framed balustrades are ideal for homes with older aesthetics, bring a classic yet cost-effective elegance. Upgrade without breaking the bank. Choose TBGF for enduring style and affordability.

Framed Glass Balustrades

Modern Collection of Balustrades

Framed glass balustrades work best with homes or properties with older aesthetics. Although they exude a classic appeal, they provide an elegant upgrade from more traditional balustrades. They’re also cost-effective options compared to other types of balustrades. Upgrade your home without having to spend big.

UNEX’s Framed Product category is the staple line and one of the core product lines for the company. This is the line of products which UNEX was founded upon and where the company’s expertise was honed. For the past 40 years, aluminium balustrades have provided strong, reliable and durable options at affordable prices

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Timeless Beauty and Lasting Durability

When it comes to style, nothing beats frameless glass balustrades. It offers a minimalist and high-end appeal, making it a popular choice in most types of properties. Nothing can stop you from enjoying a breathtaking balcony view with no structural frame obstructions in place. Although no frames are installed, it still provides maximum protection to prevent accidents from ever occurring

The three product styles in this category maximise exposure to the expanse past them by minimising the amount aluminium required to keep them structurally sound. Each style is highly engineered to ensure that each span of glass is securely clamped and counterweighted at the base to allow for nearly transparent views. When the sea can be seen or the mountains peaks are just too picturesque to not be seen, this product category barely makes a visual impact to detract from those vistas.


Clearer Vertical Sections

Semi-frameless balustrades provide a sleek, stylish style where the crisp and slim lines whereby the glass infill panels are recessed into each intermediate post.

This allows semi-frameless balustrades to lose the bottom rail causing them to seem suspended off the ground by each midway support. Unike many of the other products lines UNEX offers, these styles can have a top rail to lean on or do away with it to offer the clearer vertical sections for each pane.


Replaces the need for solid posts

The newest style in UNEX’s portfolio of products, also makes it one of the most modern. Finline’s continuous row of thin “fins” gives this balustrade system a very slim profile when head-on but has the look of a grill or comb when viewed from the side.

Thin, but strong when in numbers, these fins replace the need for solid posts at set span distances and the variety of colours and finishes available.Create a striking feature to any home or building.


Great for public and crowded areas

UNEX Extreme Barriers are specifically engineered to comply with the extremely heavy live load classes “C1/C2”, “D” or “C5” of the New Zealand Building Code legally required for public and crowded areas.

The Framed Baluster style has gaps between each baluster to offer a foot rest when leaning against the top rails.

Balustrades made from 100% NZ Aluminium

If your balcony, porch or outside staircase could offer better safety, consider updating your property with a variety of balustrade designs and colours from Tauranga Balustrades & Gates. Old property or new, you can have a harmonious exterior with balustrades made from 100% New Zealand aluminium.

For customers living in the Bay of Plenty area, have your balustrade measurements taken for a quote at no extra cost: your balustrades will be measured by professionals who have over 20 years experience in fitting. You can also have matching aluminium fencing, and gates have an additional automation option.

Installing a balustrade needn’t spoil your view: Tauranga Blaustrades & Gates offers style options including ‘post only’ glass, framed and frame-less glass and stub post glass. Further custom options are also available to find the perfect style to fit your home or business.

Every aluminium balustrade, fence, railing or gate produced by Tauranga Balustrades & Gates are designed to meet the safety specifications for New Zealand and the high quality you expect. All balustrades come with a five year guarantee on the powdered coating, ensuring a rust-free finish for the foreseeable future no matter what the weather brings.